Why Partner with Hermes-Epitek?

Hermes-Epitek’s Partnership Network and Service Pledge have enabled us to become a unique company in the global semiconductor industry. Hermes-Epitek’s vision is to “become a world class semiconductor and Opto-Electronic company” by delivering top-notch products and services.

In tune with the motto “Service By Hermes-Epitek”, our clients and equipment suppliers can maintain trust and confidence in our products and our support. To achieve tripartite wins, Hermes-Epitek not only brings optimum overall equipment performance to its clients but also enables equipment suppliers to secure the highest possible market acceptance.

Partnership Network

Hermes-Epitek and the world’s top technology suppliers have established a partnership network to provide solutions for the semiconductor industry’s processing technologies. We combine world-class equipment and technology and take full advantage of the benefits of collaboration to promote the integration of the industry and the benefits of a cooperation platform, thereby providing customers with high-performing comprehensive equipment wherever and whenever.

Service Pledge

Hermes-Epitek provides comprehensive value-added services. From equipment to processing and after-sales services, we foster a mutual atmosphere of trust between our clients and equipment suppliers thanks to the quality of our services.

Our dedication to after-sales service is a pledge that’s deeply embedded into our corporate culture DNA. We continuously think about how to help our customers’ plants continue operations at the highest productivity with optimized economic efficiency. With this objective in mind, our service team is on call 24 hours a day, ready to solve problems for clients at any time. These efforts have earned us our client’s trust and respect, thus enabling Hermes-Epitek to, despite rapid changes within the industry, continuously provide them support while engaging in constant innovation and achieving breakthroughs and success.



Consumables / Parts / Materials

Consumables and Parts

  • Diffusion, Implant, Lithography, Etcher, CVD, CMP, Wet, PVD chamber consumables and parts
  • Ceramic, metal, graphite, engineering plastics, special coating parts
  • Thermocouples, Quartz, SiC, Silicon parts
  • Dicing and Singulation parts and consumables
  • Bonding wire (Gold, Silver, Cu, Alloy etc)

Facilities and Cleanroom supplies

  • Valves, Regulators, Switches
  • Sensors
  • Flow controllers, Flow meters
  • Chemical and Slurry distribution systems
  • Heater jacket and insulation
  • Filters
  • Safety devices, instruments and gears

Other Services

Repair, Overhaul, Upgrade

  • RF/ DC/ Ozone Generators, Microwave and RPS units
  • Robots
  • Valves
  • Chillers
  • Probe Cards

Used tools

  • Probers

Parts cleaning

  • Chamber parts
  • Quartz parts
  • Metal parts

Advanced Ion Beam Technology

Main Product

  • Ultra Low Energy High Current Implanter

EBARA corporation (Japan)

  • CMP: Metal, Dielectric CMP
  • Plating: Metal plating

Taiwan Electron Microscope Instrument Corporation (Taiwan)

  • EARTH : Flagship, combo tool for Solid / Liquid Inspections
  • MARS : Flexible chamber size, with high capability for customization need.
  • MERCURY: Enhanced temp / fluid capability, dedicate for all level liquid applications roughness measurement functions


Main Product

  • Lithography Stepper system

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd

Main Product

  • Laser Anneal system for IGBT

Versum Material

Main Product

  • Quartz, Parts and Reclaim Wafer Cleaners
  • Peripheral Cleaning systems
  • Chemical and Slurry distribution systems

Koyo Thermo Systems

Main Product

  • All Types of Ovens & Thermal Systems


Main Product

  • Wet Etching and  Cleaning systems


Main Product

  • Coolant for Chiller unit, Tapes and other performance materials

Benchmark Technologies

  • Test Reticles for Lithograhphy, Tool Monitoring/Matching and Process Evaluation

Cyberoptics Corporation

Main Product

  • Wireless measurement tools for particles, leveling, vibration, gapping and teaching
  • Automatic Optical Inspection for solder paste, Pre-reflow, Post-reflow inspection

Santa Tech

Main Product

  • Supply Test Probe Pin and Pogo Tower

TricornTech Corporation

  • Continuous On-site VOCs Analyser

Uyemura Corporation

  • Semiconductor chemicals for UBM, Aluminium, Copper and others

Calitech Co.

Main Product

  • SRD systems