Forging Partnership, Unveiling Limitless Potential

From assisting in the development of Taiwan and mainland China’s semiconductor industry, to the improvement of human life.

For over 40 years, Hermes-Epitek has in collaboration with its partners assisted in the establishment of more than 200 semiconductor and Opto-Electronic factories. We combine world-class technology and our partners’ solutions to provide clients with the best service. 

With continuous determination in the investment of people and services, we successfully developed e-beam inspection, ion beam implanter, and MOCVD technology along with other equipment, in order to provide semiconductor and photovoltaic factories with access to advanced equipment in the nano era.

Hermes-Epitek will never cease to continuously improve. It is our hope that every breakthrough accomplished by our vendors and clients is supported by our boundless commitment.

At the same time, as the leaping forward of computing capability of semiconductor and the forthcoming era of loT, the technology applications will be explosively expanded. The field of life sciences is also a vast and unexplored road in which we may apply our knowledge. We hope that in the future, whether it is the research and development of biomedicine, the revolutionizing of medical technology or other realms, we can continue to endeavor, along with our partners, in unleashing endless possibilities for doing our best to improve the quality of human life.

Our Credo


  • To be a World Class Service Company - Service by Hermes-Epitek
  • To be the Leading Company for Semiconductor and Opto-Electronic Equipment Sales and Service in Great China
  • To be an Equipment Solution Provider
  • Enter Compound Power Semiconductor Business


  • To provide superior equipment performance for customers
  • To provide the highest market share for suppliers
  • To provide win-win solution for customers and suppliers
  • To integrate local resource to create cost effective tool solution

Quality Policy

  • Customer Focus: Understand and fulfill customer demands from the customer point of view.
  • Quality Excellence: Pursue top-quality output and service at a reasonable cost.
  • Continual Improvement: Enhance competitiveness by implementing total quality management and making continual improvement.

In order to provide a service bridge between clients and equipment suppliers, Hermes-Epitek has established stringent internal “quality assurance policies”. First, the company must develop a true in-depth understanding of client needs. Second, the company must pursue maximum quality output at reasonable costs. Third, innovation and continuous improvement must be relentlessly pursued.

Popular Science Articles

From Silicon Wafers to Cells, from Opto-Electronics to AI

In the future, breakthroughs in IOT, AI artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, 5G and biomedical technology will drive a boom in the demand for semiconductor computing. Hermes-Epitek will provide first-class products and services to help clients achieve optimal production efficiency, as well as assist vendors in gaining clients’ greatest trust and market share. This has always been the mission of “Service by Hermes-Epitek”.

We are also contemplating how we can use some of our resources for altruistic purposes. We hope to contribute to the welfare of human life, which is why we have bringing together partners and peers, striving for the new development of the life sciences.

In recent years, new treatment methods have emerged for cancer immunotherapy, while new physical therapies for treating cancer and techniques for reversing disabilities such as cardiac disability and visual impairments have also become available. We hope that one day we will be able to provide support to a team with the dream of developing a technology that “revolutionizes medicine” to help the disabled regain their life and do our share for humanity.

From the semiconductor sector to optoelectronics, from biomedical to medical technology research, we are dedicated to “altruism and fellowship”. We hope to help scientists shorten the time for developing examination and treatment methods that are beneficial to the health of all mankind by contributing whatever support that Hermes-Epitek is able to offer.