For the Common Good We are Determined to Do Better

We adequately plan the employee learning map so they can forge a better life and career.

“When we are praised for outstanding performances, and still remain humble and gracious while truly feeling respect from others, this perfectly embodies the concept of dignity. At work, we focus on heading in the right direction, making sure goals are met, and gaining a sense of honor for one’s professionalism, instead of only minding each other’s positions and standpoints. This creates an atmosphere in which everyone can be creative and productive. We believe that this will give everyone in the company a sense of accomplishment, dignity, and happiness.”

Deep in our hearts, we all have a vision of who we are as better versions of ourselves, and we are always hoping that one day we can become a better person. At Hermes-Epitek, we have faith that every single employee is worthy of becoming a better version of themselves. For a future of common good, we must all strive to become better.

Our clients and vendors are world-class companies, so the services we provide must also be comparable. We need to keep up with the time, constantly challenge ourselves, and ensure that both the team and ourselves as individuals grow and improve. At Hermes-Epitek, the mission behind education and training is more than cultivating skills and meeting the immediate needs of the business. What we seek to achieve is helping the big Hermes-Epitek family manage a better life together.

The customers and vendors of Hermes-Epitek are all world-class companies. Through these tailor-made education and training courses, we motivate and drive ourselves to keep up with the times and continue to grow, because only by making ourselves and the team better will we be able to continue to provide top-notch services and value.

We encourage our colleagues to begin with the demand for self-improvement, which is why we have established several principles regarding their participation in education and training:

  • “Open Learning Resources”
  • “Learning During Work Hours”
  • “Relaxed Learning Environment”
  • “Company-Aided Training Costs”
  • “No Signing of Service Guarantee Contracts”

We are constantly exploring and surveying the possible skills and assistance that might be required by employees at different ages and positions. We have designed learning maps that correspond to different paths, so that employees can set goals for each stage of their career. We have also made available a wide range of external training courses to encourage and subsidize employees in their pursuit of studies in various fields.

In recent years, in order to continuously optimize our customer service, Hermes-Epitek hired a consulting firm to design a one-week training course on providing service to large multinational companies in response to the needs of customers and vendors. In addition, various language courses, interpersonal, and psychological counseling courses have been carried out for many years.