The warmth of a meal

A hope transforming a family

From something small like the warmth of a meal, to something big like hope that transforms a needy family, we have always believed that altruism is the value of existence.

Having empathy with others and thinking carefully about your actions, in everything we do, we hope to surpass the expectations of our clients. This philosophy applies to our clients, principles, colleagues, as well as the communities and environment we live.

How to reduce the use of PET bottles by 360,000 units per year? How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 180,000 kilograms per year? In addition to conventional energy-saving, environmental protection and safety projects, we are not constrained by regulations or external expectations, but hope to find more ways in which we can contribute, however small they may be.

When it comes to society, our employees on their own initiatives have raised a funds named“Change for Good”; Hermes-Epitek set up the H Foundation, which focuses on transforming “dysfunctional families”; our founders also established the Yeats Charitable Trust in 2017.

Hermes-Epitek will continues to learn, and look forward to contributing our share to society and humanity.

Art Gallery

In the process of selecting contributing artists every year,
we hear many heartwarming stories.