Our Code of Conduct


With conviction we can withstand changes to work and life and gain the strength we need to carry on. This Code of Conduct allows us to achieve the goals of our customers, partners and ourselves, so that together we can protect our ideals and create value.

For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to establishing a workplace environment that emphasizes dignity and self-realization that unites employees with a common goal and that provides customers and partners with the best products and services. We value our core principles of respect, trust, partnership, freedom and life. We know products and technologies change with the times, and the only constants are the beliefs of individuals and companies. These beliefs support us when we face changes at work and in our personal lives. Without them, we would just be living without souls.

In the future, the progress of human civilization and changes to society will go far beyond our present day imagination. In the face of rapid change, Hermes-Epitek will maintain high moral standards:

To put honesty and integrity first, practice what we preach, and become competent citizens of society.

All employees and partners of Hermes-Epitek represent Hermes-Epitek, wherever they go. Every person’s judgment, how they handle tasks, how they treat employees, clients, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, society, and the earth, will determine how the world sees Hermes-Epitek. How you and I are seen shapes the image of what Hermes-Epitek is as a company, and how it will be seen in the future.

This code of conduct matches Hermes-Epitek’s beliefs and universal values. As you fulfill your tasks in different regions among different cultures, to enjoy success, dignity and happiness, you should follow this guide and consistently display good manners.

Once again, thank you for your selflessness and your persistent endeavor. By making our fellow colleagues better people and Hermes-Epitek a better company, everyone working here will feel a sense of accomplishment, enjoy a fulfilling family life and perhaps also contribute to society. Let us start small, and realize these goals!