Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc., AIBT

Ion Beam Implanter

Episil Holding Inc.

Code: 3707.TW

Episil Technologies Inc., Episil

• Wafer Foundry Service on Silicon and WBG based power devices.
• The Partner of Worldwide WBG Foundry

Episil-Precision Inc., EPI

Code: 3016.TW
• Si Epitaxy, SiC/SiC Epitaxy, GaN/Si Epitaxy
• Trustworthy partner on epitaxial materials

Taiwan Hi-Tech Corporation, THT

• Super Junction MOSFET
• Develop differentiated technologies to meet customer needs

Hermes Testing Systems, Inc.

Testing Solutions

Heron Neutron Medical Corp., Heron

Caduceus Biotechnology Inc, Caduceus

Disk-type reading microarray biochip scanner

Shinyu Light Co., Ltd., Shinyu

• LED Lighting
• World class vapor chamber cooling structure for LED Lighting with best optics of illumination

AnTaimmu BioMed Co., Ltd., ATBM

Antibody drug, Growth factor,..etc

Focus e-Beam Technology, FBT

High Throughput SEM