Hermes-Epitek Art Gallery

In the process of selecting contributing artists every year,
we hear many heartwarming stories.

For many years, we make calendars with paintings on the back every year. This is trivial. Hopefully you can relax and get a moment of joy to extend your happiness when you flip through the calendar and see those paintings!

We begin organizing a team every June to audition the calendar artist of the year. We ask friends in art circles for recommendations. Staff members search through one painting after another on the Internet and visit galleries for meaningful motifs. Finally, we recommend five or six locally raised young promising artists among a large group of artists for the final election. All kinds of meetings and discussions are held during this process and it usually takes more than two months for us to reluctantly reach the annual “consensus”.

There is no “consensus” in art. Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences. We are not really choosing artists. Instead, members tell their own preferences during the discussions trying to get votes. We know that it is not so easy to respect others’ perspectives but still enjoy ourselves in this process. One of the important reasons is:

Our customers and business partners are all globally known suppliers with great purchasing power. We hope the receivers of this calendar will be willing to put it on their desks because of the efforts we have made on it. These local promising painters thus get one more chance of promotion, the paintings move one more person, and the painters have one more opportunity.

Over the past years, the selection range included all the local art creators in Taiwan. In the last few years, we have narrowed down to promising artists at the age of 35 or under. This quite raised the difficulty level of selection. Those selected are almost all not-yet-famous promising artists. We’ve seen lots of diamonds in the rough.

In addition to Taiwan, Hermes-Epitek’s calendar will also be delivered to our partners in mainland China, Japan, USA, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. We hope to bring some joy to everybody.

Last, thank you for supporting our artists and galleries. Because of your recognition for this idea and support for local promising painters, we are able to spread this beauty continuously; so beauty can be casually found around.

Recommended by the painter


Born in 2000

LAI LI-AN is currently a senior high school student. Affected by autism, she almost has no language at all. After starting to draw with a pen, painting has become Li-An’s first language and her way to communicate with the world. She likes to use the strength of the whole body to move her palm and paint freely on paper, expressing her abundant emotions on the created images. Moreover, when she paints with crayons and watercolor, another artistic vocabulary is illustrated in her works. Expressing herself through images, signs, colors, and lines, each piece of Li-An’s works is full of intuition and displays her enthusiastic vigor for life.


Born in 1990

CHEN WEN-JOU is a girl fond of laughter and travel. Born with various illnesses, including congenital cataract, strabismus, amblyopia, and so on, she has undergone numerous operations and treatment. During the long process of vision correction, art has been Wen-Jou’s company and become her most favorite thing. In 2017, she graduated from the School of Chinese Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, she has been diligent in artistic creation through exploring the integration of different materials, such as cotton, linen, paper, etc., in the cultural history of oriental painting, so as to open physical and mental awarenesses, including tactile, auditory ones, and so on.


Born in 1999

He is a rangy autistic boy, but with a delicate heart. enriches his artistic creation with his life experience and the stories he has read. He has a gifted sense of colors and has excellent watercolor wash and color-overlaying techniques. Pin-Chia’s persistent attention to each tiny detail makes the completion of one work rather time-demanding. When examined carefully, one can see that each area of his artworks is handled with different approaches. The dynamic color changes and layers created through slowly coloring one layer after another render Pin-Chia’s works elegant and richly poetic.


Born in 1995

CHI OU-CHI is slow in learning linguistic signs and speaks in plain language. Being the eldest son, he has been the financial supporter of his family after his father died of illness. Whenever Ou-Chi is free from his part-time job, he diligently concentrates on expressing his expectations and imagination toward a beautiful life on canvas. Abstract patches of color and concrete geometric signs overlap and incorporate with each other, simulating a dialog between two distinct elements, while the interlacing of contrast and complementary colors endows the images with high saturation and vibrant colors.

Hsin-Yao Tseng

Born in 1986

He received both B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Fine Art Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2009 and 2012. Hsin-Yao, having already developed a signature style, has had his work recognized by the major art magazines of today, as well as by an unprecedented number of highly prestigious galleries especially in his young age. He paints in a Romantic, expressive manner that honors the Western tradition while signaling an edgy, contemporary complexity.

Hsin-Yao has recognized by the Art Renewal Center as an ARC Living Master in 2014. He has exhibited his artworks in a huge number of group shows across the United States, including solo shows, and many other group shows. He has also won lots of awards in National and International competitions. His dedication and interest in the arts is apparent from over ten years of hard work and academic studies.